A Product Hub that Transforms Ideas into ARR

No more guessing. Prioritize what matters, triage customer feedback, and manage sprints with ease. Align everyone to the product vision.

Sharpen Your
Product Strategy using

Align your product efforts to user-critical jobs. Empower your team to think from the perspective of the customer.

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Prioritize what matters. Avoid shiny object syndrome.

Choose prioritization factors and assign weights to each one. Cut through uncertainty and shifting demands.

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Centralize & Triage Customer Feedback

Become truly customer-centric. Connect each piece of feedback to your roadmap. Stop letting insights slip through the cracks.

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A Suite of Powerful Features

Custom Components

Easily customize your workflow. Components can be sprints, releases, user stories, etc.
Plus, you can create powerful many-to-many relationships.

Goals & OKRs

Connect strategy to execution, and track progress over time. Pretzel support all types of goals (OKRs, SMART, KPIs, etc.)

Custom Views

Create filter criteria, apply sorting, and choose what custom fields to show. Curate our views to your stakeholders' liking.


Coming Soon

Custom automations save you time. Use AI to configure your automation, so you don't need to spend time learning new syntax.

Relative Dates

Coming Soon

If an item gets delayed by one week, relative dates will automatically cascade the successor items by one week.

Public Roadmaps

Coming Soon

Impress customers by embedding your roadmap in any web page. Build in public and create excitement for upcoming releases.


Pretzel's docs allow you to format text quickly and embed content that matters. You can even include files, images, & videos.


Create urgency by showing when tasks block each other. Plus, you can set up cross-functional dependencies.

Feedback Surveys

Coming Soon

Share dynamic forms to conduct surveys or gather information. When someone fills out a form, a new record is auto-created that you can triage.

Image Uploads

Images are resizeable. Plus, you can add image descriptions directly above or below the image.


Create granular subtasks to clarify what needs done. Assign subtasks to different team members to separate responsibilities.

Sign In

Signing in shouldn't be time consuming. Pretzel's passwordless sign in improves security and helps you access your workspace faster.


Coming Soon

Create executive overviews to analyze progress. When questions arise, quickly drill down into specific data points.

Granular Permissions

Coming Soon

Control permissions for every data point. This way, you can track everything in one place without overly-sharing sensitive information.

File Attachments

Attach files directly within any record (task, user story, etc). All file types supported (xlsx, pdf, doc, etc.)

Custom Fields

Track whatever you need, including statuses, priority levels, financial information, people, progress, timelines, tags, metrics, etc.

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